Project Management and Consulting Across Sub-Saharan Africa

We work with businesses and nonprofit organizations to design and manage projects in the areas of agriculture, commerce, health, and education, while working to improve lives in sub-Saharan Africa.

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Agriculture and Commerce

  • Creating sustainable food supply chains
  • Understanding the agricultural value chain
  • Discovering untapped potential
  • Weighing risks and benefits
  • Building relationships with farmers
  • Selection and financing of equipment
  • Facilitating logistics solutions
  • Business formalities and banking
  • Securing legal and accounting representation
  • Connecting with wholesalers and retailers
  • Arranging import and export

Health and Education

  • Understanding health and education needs
  • Collaboration with existing entities
  • Connecting with local health and education expertise
  • Formalities for US nonprofits & African NGOs
  • Government relations and banking
  • Accountability and ensuring impact
  • Hiring educated local staff
  • Financing for health and education programs
  • Securing buy-in from local groups
  • Bridging cultural differences
  • Reporting for nonprofit boards and donors

Our Commitment

We are committed to working with organizations and businesses on projects that will help to improve the lives of sub-Saharan Africans, whether through delivery of new services or products or by expanding sustainable employment.

  • Working in close collaboration with our clients, we strive to fully understand each client’s unique situation and vision.
  • Drawing on our broad experience, we carefully analyze the challenges facing each client, and we seek the specific solutions that are optimal to each client.
  • Our work is thorough and of the highest quality, and we do whatever it takes to ensure success; from arranging high-level meetings to loading trucks on the ground, we are there.
  • Transparency is of the utmost importance. Our fees are clear and straightforward, and we do not receive any hidden third-party commissions.
  • Whether in negotiation on behalf of our clients or in implementation of the most cost-effective solutions, we always do what is in our clients' best interest.

Testimonials on Luke Klein and West Africa Consulting, LLC

“Luke has a remarkable capacity to adjust so easily to the traditions and culture of his host villages. He very quickly develops trust and strong partnership ties with populations in each and every village. I feel very privileged to have him as a partner. His open-mindedness and his passion to always get the job done have constantly been for me a great source of inspiration.” – MS

“Luke’s diversity of knowledge in Africa and African culture will contribute significantly towards the development of your institution.” – EN

“Luke moves ideas and dreams to actualization by his ability to organize and plan effectively. His deep sense of responsibility and commitment to what he sees as important motivates him to work hard and long at tasks. He is generous with his time and effort and strong in his purpose.” – ES

“The word that best describes Luke is INTEGRITY. Luke's integrity is built on commitment, consistency, caring, and a sense of fairness.” – SB

“Luke Klein was a marvel! More than ever before, the staff reported a very high level of satisfaction and felt very good about their own participation and how their abilities were utilized.” – FF

“Luke has exceptional skill at assimilating information and organizing it to be coherent, logical, and readable. His wisdom and creative thinking have benefited our decision making, and his opinions have been good predictors of our future course.” – DHK

“Luke carries a commitment to action based on strategic planning, communication, and creative leadership on the local and global scale. He is motivated by seeing every person’s worth, and he is creative in forming alliances while communicating information and advocacy for the care of a child, a village, or an organization.” – ES

“Luke encompasses the values of simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, and stewardship of resources.” – PBT

“Luke's ability to analyze, articulate, and creatively present material is top rate.” – EN

“Luke's skills surpassed all of our expectations. His assessment of our strengths and weaknesses helped us to become a stronger team. Without him, we would have never been able to fully realize our potential. Luke has made our dreams become a reality!” – LZ

“Luke has gone above and beyond to improve the capacity of our organization’s financial and operational development. He has the experience, aptitude, and personal connections necessary to execute any task. Working with Luke is an absolute pleasure and he continues to be our go-to for our consulting needs.” – AL

Photos by Luke Klein, except photo of Dakar by Jeff Attaway and satellite image by NASA

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